The Lebanese App to order a Taxi with a click

How It Works

1- Order a cab with just a few clicks

Whether you're an iPhone user or an Android user, just DOWNLOAD Cabbis, launch the app, write where you'd like to go and order a cab. It's that simple!

2- Get matched with a nearby driver

Cabbis will match you with the closest driver and allows you to track him as he approaches your pickup location.

3- Hop onboard and relax

A Taximeter allows you to keep track of your fare in real-time inside the car. Pay in cash once you reach your destination and then rate your ride.


Download Cabbis

On your phone, type 'Cabbis' in play store/app store or simply scan this:

"I want to congratulate you guys on a great initiative for the country! The app is so smooth and I felt comfortable paying because of the [taxi] meter."

-Raja Farhat

"Shi ktir khaze2 hal app! Keep it up guys..."

-Edward Sfeir

"I discovered Cabbis when my car went down for a few days. Now I use it almost every weekend. It's efficient, fast and funny even!"

-Ralph Hosni

"I use Cabbis a lot because it's easy to use and the prices are great. Not to mention that I received great customer support."

-Joanne Metni

"Cabbis Ya Brooo!"

-Rami Aoun

Who Are We?

As university students in Beirut, hailing a cab was the norm for those of us without a car. We were usually kept stranded in the heat or rain while we waited, and waited... Sometimes, we had no choice but to call private taxis, and that was quite painful on our pockets. We needed to do something about this. So we started Cabbis.

Our vision at Cabbis is to develop & produce cutting edge technologies designed to make your life easier. We are here, and our first mission is to revolutionize public transportation in Lebanon with distinct Software Engineering.

The Cabbis team is young, passionate, creative & of course a little insane. The past two years were devoted to extensive research in transportation engineering & traffic analysis. Along the way, we were recognized for our work in this field, resulting in a number of publications in top notch journals.

Today we look forward to materializing our efforts in Lebanon, and delivering a technology that is user-friendly, accessible, sharable, & cost efficient.

Are you ready to Cabbis? We sure hope so, because you’re in for an experience like no other.