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About Us

Granting access to technology for fleets of all sizes.

Cabbis provides tech to traditional taxi companies in order to thrive in a very competitive and fast-changing market.

Our team is made up of the right combination of experienced engineers and young creative ones who not only build and maintain the tech, but have also had previous experience in the taxi industry themselves. We believe that our understanding of the taxi industry and our extensive research in transportation (which yielded a number of top-notch publications), allows us to work as partners and consultants to taxi companies.

Whether your fleet is made up of 5 vehicles or 2000 vehicles, we have the appropriate tech and pricing package for you.

Control your fleet online

Receive calls and dispatch them on an easy-to-use Web interface.


Benefit from state of the art Taximeters running on our Android app for your drivers. The meters are set and controlled by you.

Automated accounting

Settle your driver and corporate accounts with the tap of a button. Print or send invoices online.

Pay as you go

Either pay a small commission fee per trip so that you never pay more than your business can handle, or a monthly subscription fee per vehicle.

Free and easy setup

Cabbis takes care of all setup costs. Working with us is a matter of signing up online and having your drivers download the Driver App on their phones.


Optimize your business by looking at detailed analytics and reports, retracing previous trips or simply asking us for consulting.

Our Services

Cabbis gives you the option to pick between our Basic and Premium packages.

Receive and dispatch your orders on the web.
Driver App
Track and manage your fleet.
Taximeter included in app.
Admin Panel
Settle driver and corporate accounts.
Configure the Taximeter.
Customer App
Have your own branded Android and iOS app for your customers.
Read detailed reports about the operation of your fleet.
Retrace previous trips.

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