Cabbis web app screenshot

Web App: Dispatcher

The tool used by operators and dispatchers to monitor the fleet, receive phone calls, and create & dispatch orders. Can be used from any device that is connected to the internet.

  • Monitor Your Fleet
  • Create Orders
  • Recognize Caller ID
  • Estimate Prices
  • Create Recurring Orders
Cabbis web app screenshot

Web App: Admin

The tool used by administrators to manage and configure the system. For example, you can configure the taximeter to get your desired prices.

  • See trip History Logs
  • Add, Edit, or Remove Drivers
  • Create New Promotions & Promo Codes
  • Automate Driver Accounting
  • Create Invoices and Receipts for Corporate Accounts
  • Configure the System
Cabbis customer app screenshot

Customer App

Your own Customer App for Android and iOS with your own branding, be it App logo, colors or even map markers. The app is extremely slick and straightforward and even includes a Loyalty Program that will get your customers hooked to it. It grants the user the option to pay by cash, credit card or on account.

  • Nearby Drivers
  • Live Driver Location
  • Cancel Trip
  • Rate Drivers
  • Check Fare Estimates
  • Your Own Branding
Cabbis driver app screenshot

Driver App

A light-weight Android app, carefully designed to consume a minimal amount of data and battery, that your drivers can download from the Play Store. It will allow you to track your fleet at all times, communicate with your drivers and dispatch orders to them. It includes an accurate and easily configurable Taximeter.

  • Receive Customer App or Dispatcher Orders
  • See Trips History
  • Navigate Using Google Maps
  • Benefit From In-App Taximeter
  • Start Street Customer Trips

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